About Me


My Story:
My health journey began in my 20’s with a diagnoses of Ulcerative Colitis. I had no idea what Ulcerative Colitis was and how to help myself. The doctor had many solutions, all of which involved prescription drugs. I complied with this method but my issues were by no means taken care of. I continued to have bad flare ups every six months for many years.
The first change for me came when I married and started eating a whole food diet with more vegetables and fruit. I went in to remission for 6 years. The Colitis returned when I lived overseas and ate the local diet of fried or boiled food. The colitis came back so badly that I had to have intestinal surgery to remove my colon. This lead to many issues my regular doctors had no answers for.

Because of continuing problems that my regular doctors could not help I sought out a Nautrapathic doctor to help me. She took a more holistic look at the body, this helped me discover again that I was in charge of my health. After testing positive for gluten and dairy allergies I began learning what my body needed to heal itself. My journey still required me to listen to my body and adjust how and what I ate.  I had to do the work for my health, my doctor could only give some suggestions that might work.  This journey required that I learn about foods and supplements. I soon found that I was helping others on their health journeys.

As I saw others regain their health and my own health returned I developed my vision is help everyone discover that their own journey to optimum health is in their control.

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